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tS76 Modelside Edition V2.1 is out

Download it now !

In this installation, you get the original tS7.6 version that was given for free by Caligari, enhanced with a ton of plugins, scripts, libraries, shaders and content to let you start creating 3D content in a minute. Icons design are customized by Cellulo.

Get it now, and join the team !

Get trueSpace, the most accessible free 3d program for creating images, animations, real-time environements, models for 3d printing, and more !

In 2009 TrueSpace 7.6 was released for free after Caligari acquisition by Microsoft. Later, the Caligari website has been stopped and the download links were gone. Since a community of developers is still adding plugins to expand the possibilities of the original core, we want to keep the most advanced versions, including an updated selection of compatible plugins, in a ready-to-use installation.

trueSpace is a comprehensive and reliable piece of software providing a unique icon-driven interface to create 2D and 3D scenes, animate and render. It features a plugin architecture that allows the user to fully cutomize his toolset and to create his own tools to enhance the core package. Despite it is now an abandoned software, its unique interface makes it a very efficient 3D package, and the number of its plugin is still growing. So, try it, and join the community !

The community of trueSpace developers and artists now populates the United3Dartists forum. Join us !

Other versions available for download

Since Caligari servers are down, trueSpace installation files are maintained on file hosting service websites. If a link below get broken please report the information on the forum. We will fix it and provide you with alternative links !

trueSpace7.6 last Caligari release

trueSpace7.6 is the most stable version if you plan to use Modeler side most. This is the version Modelside Edition v2.0 is built from.
This file will install trueSpace program only, with no plugin or additional content.
You can obtain the PluginsPack V2 here and install the tools you need separately.

trueSpace7.61 last Caligari release + Unofficial update

trueSpace7.61 is the version you should use if you plan to use Workspace side most, but want to keep Modeler tools available.
This is also the version to install if you want to enter Shared Spaces and use collaborative tools. Shared Spaces is a multi-users experience, where people meet each other in a 3D view, share 3d objects, edit objects using any 3d tool. Everyone can build a Shared Space. Join the forum to see sheduled collaborative sessions with members.

trueSpace7.61 STD + unofficial update

trueSpace7.61 STD (STD is for Standalone), is a pure Workspace version with no Modeler side. This is the version you may like to use to develop new tools within the pure Rosetta plateform.

Other tools available for download

tSX plugins Pack v2

This plugins pack contains all the must-have plugins for tS6 and the Modeler side of tS7.6.

Shaders and Material Packs v2

More shaders and Materials for your libraries.

Caligari Thumbnails

This 32 bits executable turns your trueSpace files into thumbnails. You can install it even if you are running a 64 bits OS : thumbnails will be shown when you browse your discs from trueSpace because tS’s embeded explorer is a 32 bits one.