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TrueSpace is in the new top 10 isometric graphic softwares !

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Turn trueSpace into a top 10 free isometric graphic software !

Stan has updated his MayaBox Widget. With the new version of this plugin, you get the long-awaited isometric view feature into trueSpace -Modeler side.
Now you can create rich 3D graphics in the isometric view style and make renders at your choice : using flat colors to draw with Lightworks render engine, or using global illumination and all the special effects VRay for trueSpace can offer…
Setting up this plugin is easy :
– Download the zip file,
Run the installer,
In trueSpace (Modeler side) clic the Install new trueSpace eXtension icon and pick up the MayaBoxWidget.tsx file (it should be located in your tsx folder),
– Restart trueSpace, et voila !

The MayaBox widget adds a box in the top-right corner of any 3D window. Its main purpose is to show in real-time the directions of your scene axis for orientation help, and to set an orthogonal view simply by clicking a face of the cube.
In the options menu that pops up when you right-clic the plugin icon you now have isometric views to select. To pan view, simply use the main View Widget at the bottom-right, and to zoom you may use the Zoom View icon.

To save the view within your scene file, you can create a camera using Chikara’s FindCamera plugin : right-clic the icon to open its options panel, then clic the Create Camera button. This will add an isometric camera in your scene for future renderings.