trueSpace, the legendary free 3D authoring software has its fan site !



truespace interfaceIn 2009, trueSpace was given for free after Caligari acquisition by Microsoft. The Caligari website has been discontinuited and Microsoft stopped the development of the core software.
trueSpace’s architecture allows seamless integration of plugins though, and a community of users is still adding functionalities. This site is keeping a record of trueSpace history, an up-to-date version including the most recent add-ons, and some ressources for newbies and developers for the adventure to continue.

trueSpace’s unique interface, all icon-driven, is making it the perfect 3D app for the visual artists. It offers all the tools we expect from a versatile and professional authoring 3D program : general modeling, point editing, organic modeling with subdivision surface, displacement brush, soft paint, NURBS, UV Edition, undo with construction history, non-linear animation, node-based editing, libraries, multi-core CPU, advanced physics, advanced rendering (hdri, gi, caustics).

TrueSpace supports a variety of fast and reliable render engines to provide HDRI, GI, FUR, SSS, DM and more ! Read more…

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shaderballDevelop your own tools !

TrueSpace SDK allows for adding features in both the Modeler (tS6.6) and the Workspace (Rosetta) sides.
Download your kit, follow the tutorials and start adding new render engines,
new animation tools, new import/export formats !


No need for a hotline : a thousands of comprehensive people are here to help on a dedicated forum !
United3dArtists is the main trueSpace forum and all the good people from the Cali-Forum are there.
You may also want to search for information in the archived trueSpace official forum now hosted on

OliverRohe_Pepo5Remember the « Caligari Eye » newsletter ? The artists interviews by TomG, the  projects of the year… These little stories are not all lost !

Turn up or discover some of the portraits that built the success of trueSpace.